The United Methodist Committee on Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Ministries with logo

Report from First UMC, Clewiston FL

We have now been working with our new Hearing Loop System since early December of 2016. We installed a system in both our sanctuary and Life Enrichment Center. Since we hold services in both buildings, we felt that helping people to hear better was a commitment that was important enough to have this system throughout our campus. People instantly began using both their hearing aids and the head phones associated with the system. We have included the Hearing Loop logo in our bulletin, and have placed Hearing Loop signs at entrances and in plain viewing site for the public.

Joe (pictured in the Hearing Loop pictures) is not only the installing supervisor, he is the owner of the company that supplied the Hearing Loop system and a cochlear implant wearer as well. His company laid the wiring along the floor and baseboards; connected the wiring to a receiver; installed the receiver into our audio system; and supplied headsets that tuned to the frequency that was being broadcast over the Hearing Loop System.

Testimony; Emily Drake, a long-time member of our congregation, began using the headset immediately and said for the first time in a long time she could clearly hear me preaching; hear the choir; hear the pianist and all the other things happening in the service. She loved the fact that she could turn the volume up and down as needed. We have heard similar stories from others who are using this system (both returning and new people coming to First UMC of Clewiston.)

We are extremely grateful that the United Methodist Committee on Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ministries selected our church to receive this grant. Our hope is that we will meet a need not only for our existing, faithful members, but that new guests and visitors to First UMC of Clewiston will be excited to return and become an active part of our church and mission which is; To share the good news about Jesus Christ with everyone in Clewiston and beyond for the transformation of the world!

Thank you very much for being in partnership with us. May God bless your continuing efforts.

bulletin, which has a hearing loop logo on the bottom of the cover
a man in a red shirt holds up a carpet, showing installation of the hearing loop line.
two men work on a floor, installing a hearing loop line under the carpet.
the man in the red shirt is standing in front of some toolboxes, looking at the work.